Renting a Scarab Minor compact road sweeper. The reasons to hire one.

posted in Choosing the right road sweeper on 10 April 2018

Renting a Scarab Minor compact road sweeper. The reasons to hire one. The Scarab Minor compact road sweeper is a great choice when you need to hire a road sweeper for when you have a busy site yet do not want the hassle of a large truck mounted machine.

Look at a Scarab Minor as a scaled down mini version of a truck mounted road sweeper such as the Johnston 600 or Johnston VT650. It has the wide sweep belly brush which spans the width of the sweeper cleaning the heavy mud/dirt off the road, the wire side brush that digs into the kerb keeping the road edge clean and 2 extra front poly brushed which are great for litter collection. The Scarabs also feature a front mounted high pressure water bar for washing down the road and a rear mounted jet wash which is more than powerful enough to blast off any heavy mud or dirt on site and also clean down the machine after use.

Probably the biggest advantage of hiring a Scarab Minor is that is does pretty much the same job as a truck mounted sweeper but you do not need a driver with an HGV license to drive one like you would do when hiring a large Johnston Sweeper. Most of the Scarab Minors are only 3.5 Tonnes so if your operator has a standard driving license then you are sorted.

These compact sweepers are more than at home on large industrial areas such as factories, waste transfer sites, golf courses, schools, hospitals and also the construction site. They are happy to deal with anything from light litter and leaves through to heavy mud and gravel.

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